Our services

1. Recruitment

Our task as an agency is to recruit workers according to your requirements. We carry out the recruitment process, we conduct interviews with candidates and we select the best ones that meet your demands.

After the recruitment is completed we send you a list of workers recruited for you, who you will employ directly in your company, according to the legal provisions of local labour law. The list contains all necessary information related to each worker.

On your demand, we can send you the CVs of candidates, with our comments on each one. After reviewing the CVs, you can choose who you would like to employ.

In case of the recruitment of large groups of workers you can participate in meeting with candidates in Poland. During the meeting you have an opportunity to present your company and a job offer, as well as to take part in job interviews.

Our specialised recruitment team guarantees, that required number of workers is going to begin work on time and in accordance with your expectations.


Why recruitment:

  • Save of time and money
  • Engagement of a specialised & highly qualified company
  • Service performance guarantee

2. Labour Leasing

Workers employed by our company are delegated to work for you. The responsibility for all formal issues concerning contracts with workers, payrolls, taxes and insurance lies with our company. It is also our obligation to inform appropriate institution in your country.

The employees work on the basis of the European forms A1. This confirms that a worker is insured and that all contributions are paid in Poland. These contributions include:

  • Old-age pension
  • Disability and survivors’ pension
  • Sickness insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Work accident insurance
  • Labour Fund
  • Employee Guaranteed Benefits Fund
  • Income tax

Why labour leasing:

  • Costs reduction – administrative expenses are overtaken by us
  • Save of time – we deal with all formal issues
  • You don’t enter into the employment relationship with a worker
  • Perfect solution for seasonal works
  • We deal with staff turnover when necessary
  • You pay only for actual work realised by a worker
  • Reliable, easy and quick access to workers
  • We grant bank guarantees
  • Competitive fees
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